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DI Labs is where precise frontend and backend web development meets effective web design. It's where no detail is too small and no integration too big - where your project is going to be handled by a team of creative developers and designers who actually care as much about efficiency, architecture, and strategic design as you do. It's time to start taking your web development seriously.


Frontend Development

  • Frontend web development (HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap)
  • Theme development
  • Progressive web application frameworks
  • Animated banner ads

CMS & eCommerce

  • Experience with most modern platforms
  • Professional custom WordPress integrations
  • Customized administration UX, dashboards and intranets
  • eCommerce development & ERP integration
  • SEO considerations with every keystroke

Software & Components

  • Information and systems architecture
  • Robust middleware solutions
  • Advanced custom search and predictive algorithms
  • Component development and support for software development teams
  • Efficient caching solutions

UI/UX/IA Design

  • Expert, process-based web design
  • Interface design, evaluation & user testing
  • Designed to be built- developers review all design to mitigate development risks
  • UI/UX application consulting
  • Experts in merging sites and content into a unified, branded experience

Integrations & Migrations

  • Application integrations and synchronizations
  • Integrate with any stable API
  • Develop and document internal/external API's
  • Cross-platform large data migrations
  • Process automation


  • Agency partnership
  • Integrated marketing
  • SEO
  • Data & analytics
  • CRM architecture & management
  • Middleware solutions & intranets
  • Accessibility compliance evaluation & integration
  • A/B testing and strategy



Featuring efficient doctor and hospital locator connecting patients with orthopedic surgeons across the US. Labs developed custom Hubspot<->Sequence middleware continuously synchronizing new patient leads and existing patient information for various marketing opportunities.

The Food Lens

A platform for exploring the Boston food scene, featuring a highly efficient hierarchical search algorithm, smart related content algorithms, dynamic filtering, unique CMS admin interface, and elegant design.


The new Blum site combined content from 6 disparate sites built on a crumbling proprietary CMS into one cohesive WordPress site showcasing Blum's expansive thought leadership and new brand identity. SEO-first migration of 600+ articles from various sources into a lightning-fast filterable insights system. Also featuring another custom hierarchical search system with advanced tracking.

Surgical Specialties

A WooCommerce site and custom middleware solution bridging the eCommerce platform to a complex Microsoft AX instance, and unifying 5 brands for the first time under their Coorporate owner. Calculating unique pricing for each customer in real time through a 30 step algorithm. Pulling historic customer information and

Boston Scientific

Labs extends the capabilities of Boston Scientific's Men's Health division, supplying ongoing support for their various brands and campaigns, such as SpaceOAR, ED Cure, and Fix Incontinence. Architecture and implementation of large security infrastructure updates.

D'Angelico Guitars

A WordPress site with Shopify JS integration, large imagery and unique IA. Featuring a contextual SKU selection process, related content algorithms, dealer locator, custom caching mechanisms and a localized Brazilian eCommerce site.

Meridian Bioscience

Consolidation of numerous brand-sites into a unified, easy-to-manage WordPress install. Features intelligent IA, novel navigation, localized content availability, GDPR compliance, high fives, a custom hierarchical search system, and a compliant Package Information platform dramatically reducing waste in the packaging of Meridian products.

Transparency Life Sciences

UI/UX design and progressive React application development for a remote clinical trial platform. HIPPA and accessibility compliance, low-assumption framework for spinning up project-applications for targeted patient groups in clinical trials.

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